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Brocton Hall

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The Friendship Shield 2014

The Junior Organisers at 4 Clubs, Brocton, Beau, Trentham and Walsall decided that it would be a nice idea to play a competition between ourselves for a Trophy.

The thought behind this was to; introduce younger juniors into competitive golf at other Courses; to have contact with juniors outside our own club; to introduce juniors into the etiquette of social after match chat (well we can but try), before they proceed to playing in senior matches.

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The Dave Day Acoustic Band

Dave Day Acoustic Band Aug 2014

The Dave Day Acoustic Band will be performing at Brocton Hall Golf Club on Sunday 31st August from 7.30pm -10.00pm.

Check out Dave and the band here on Youtube :

and here:

If you'd like something to eat before the band come on please book in advance with Justin & the Catering Team on 01785 661901 Ext 3.

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County U-12 Championship Wins for Hannah and Ethan

On July 22nd the Staffordshire County Union and The County Ladies Association, teamed up to hold their respective Under 14 and Under 12 Championships. This was a special occasion as this is the first time that the Championships have been held under the same banner.

I am delighted to report that the winners of both of the Under 12 Event were Brocton members, Hannah Golding and Ethan Evans. Many congratulations to them both.

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Junior Oakwood Cup Report - 1st Aug2014

Well, as you can see from the results below, the scoring was so good today that the CSS dropped for both the White and Red Tees. Fantastic scoring again from Jake who has now reduced his handicap to 8.6. Congratulations on the single figure handicap Jake and for winning the Oakwood Cup.

Holly has been playing steadily recently and I am delighted to see that today she has broken the CSS barrier. This reduces her handicap down 1.5 shots to 14.8. Good going Holly.

Junior Captain George will, I am sure, be pleased that he is continuing his recent good form getting cut another 0.9 of a shot down to 11.6. Well done all 'round folks. The cup was presented in 1994, the Centenary Year of the club, by Kenneth Davies who has been both Club Captain and President.

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