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Captain's Charity Am-Am Raffle

Great prizes on offer at the Captain's Charity Day Am-Am Raffle including a PT4 Platinum GPS Golf Buddy worth £300!

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Junior Captain's Day 2015

 Junior Captains Day 2015 opt

Winners with (back row from the left), Mr. Captain David Robertson, Mr. President Wilf Sault, then 4th Lady President Monica Tedstone, then Junior Captain Jake Sheldon and, far right, Lady Captain Gill Bloxham.

What another great turn-out for our Captain’s Day. 26 juniors had entered but unfortunately two had to pull out on the day. All Results are shown on the next page.

We thought that we would get away with no rain because it was forecast to come at about 4.00 pm. Well that didn’t work as was evident by the downpour at noon! In spite of this, there were some very good scores posted in all divisions. I would like to welcome all juniors for whom this was their first Captain’s Day. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Junior Medal Report - 21st July 2015

Division A results speak for themselves, so no comments there.

Division B however, is a different story. Both Ellie and Daniel have only just gained their 18-hole handicap, which is both cases was set at a level twice that of their respective 9-hole handicaps. So it was the first competition for both of them and in Daniel’s case, as he only joined us just two months ago, his first official junior competition. Well, as you can see by the Stableford scores, the allotted handicaps were way off the mark.

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Chetwynd Plate 2015

What an odd day weather-wise, including a downpour. However, that did not stop some fabulous scoring as the following results show.

1st with 45 Stableford points George Johnson and Mary Robertson.
2nd with 37 Stableford points Max Hunter and Anne Rees.
3rd with 36 Stableford points Ethan Evans and Cathy (BB9)
4th with 36 Stableford points Josh Price and Sandra Houghton.

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