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Policies & Procedures

Information and policies on the following subjects can be found below.

Child Protection
Equity and Equal Opportunities

Child Protection

Brocton Hall Golf Club acknowledges its duty of care to safeguard the welfare of all children (defined as those under 18) involved in golf within the club. All children have a right to protection and to have their particular needs taken into account. The club has a policy for the Safeguarding and Protecting juniors on the golf course and within our club environment.

A copy of our policy document is available for inspection, both in the office and in the professional’s shop and can be downloaded here.

BHGC Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

BHGC Child Welfare Notice

Equity and Equal Opportunities

 Brocton Hall Golf Club has adopted the England Golf Equity and Equal Opportunities Policy.

BHGC Equity Certificate

BHGC Equity & Equal Opportunities Policy

Generic Equality Statement

Privacy Policy

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Cookie Policy

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