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Feb 2021 - Juniors Section - Another Step towards George's Dream

The Junior Committee is very proud that our Junior Section is supporting one of our Junior Members, George Booth, in an effort to raise Funds for his dream of getting a Power Wheelchair. Hang on, I hear you say, a junior golfer who needs a wheelchair?? At present, well at least when we can get back onto the Course, George uses a golf buggy driven by either Dad Adam or, Grandad Gordon, with brother Freddie there to help out and keep an eye on things. So, in the words of George’s Mum Cerys I will let her explain. From Cerys:-

“9 year old George has Becker Muscular Dystrophy which is a rare muscle wasting condition. He struggles to walk or run far and keep up with his friends. He can only be active for a short time before his legs go into spasm and cause pain. He uses a wheelchair for walking any distance and it goes to school with him. 
Through the NHS George qualifies for a manual wheelchair currently but although he can wheel himself a short distance he heavily relies on someone pushing him the majority of the time. His wheelchair is also only suitable for flat surfaces and can't go on sand, gravel, cobbles, mud etc. This really limits what George can do and places we can go as a family.
George’s dream wheelchair is a Trekinetic Power Chair that is lightweight, all terrain and will be big enough to last him into adulthood. With this chair he would be able to drive himself to and from school, go to the park with friends, go on the beach and we would all be able to walk the dog as a family on any terrain. 
This chair would really give George so much independence and open up a lot of activities that he just can't do at the moment.”

Last Friday should have been the Junior Captain and Vice-Captains “Drive-In” (it being the February Half Term). Well, that didn’t happen, so in keeping with the senior sections of the Club our Junior Captain Ellie and Vice-Captain Maria sent their swing videos to Nevil for him to analyse and put distances to. You were all invited to make a donation and guess the combined distances. Indeed many other members also took up the challenge. Our thanks go to Nevil for facilitating this, getting the money in and transferring it to George’s Funds.

We raised a brilliant £273, thanks to everyone who contributed and to Ellie and Maria for being up for the challenge. The combined distance was 422 yards, with both girls driving 211 yards (how brilliant –and weird, is that?). As there was no one who guessed the correct distance Nevil and I agreed that we would go one yard either side and came up with the winners. Jenny Bulman and Ken Bailey get a bottle of wine each and the Kirsch family gets a dozen golf balls kindly donated by Nevil.

Those on the Junior WhatsApp Group will have seen the videos. These will be on the Club’s Facebook page later today.

It spite of the lock-down that we are all experiencing this is a brilliant start to 2021.

Christine                                                                                                           February 21st 2021.

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