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Brocton Hall Golf Club takes pride in being a prestigious golf club where standards are high and valued. Whilst respecting our long history and traditions, we also seek to be a progressive and relevant club where all members can feel comfortable and accepted. In this context Brocton Hall Golf Club sets out the minimum rules to be followed by all members, visitors and guests.

On the course Brocton Hall Golf Club considers the dress etiquette to be very important. The rules are clear and not open to interpretation.

In the clubhouse we want to recognise the needs and expectations across all generations in presenting oneself appropriately in a social environment. We should all seek to show respect to the club and each other by ensuring that the minimum standards stated are always maintained.       

Members, Guests and Visitors MUST therefore always comply with the following minimum rules:


We ask that all golfers wear appropriate and recognisable golfing attire.  Golf shoes must always be worn. For men, shirts must have a collar and sleeves, or be of recognisable golf design, and tucked in at the waist (other than for a medical condition only). Tailored trousers or appropriate length tailored shorts must be worn along with socks of any colour or length. Women may wear golf dresses or sleeveless shirts with a collar, or be of a recognisable golf design. Similarly shorts and skorts must be of an appropriate length with socks of any colour or length. 

Unacceptable clothing on the course:

Trainers, denims, track suits, vests, football kit (or other sports) kits, cargo shorts, beach wear, non-golf attire tee shirts. Headgear to be worn correctly i.e. peaks facing forward.


We have a ‘Smart casual’ dress code in all areas. Golf attire is not allowed in the Dining Room after 7.30pm. We insist that golf shoes are clean before entering the clubhouse. Golf shoes may not be worn in the Vardon Lounge and metal spikes are not allowed anywhere within the clubhouse. 

Please note: No golf shoes are allowed in the Clubhouse when winter rules apply! Please be respectful and mindful of dirty shoes at any time of the year. 

We will continue to hold functions that demand a specific dress code such as black tie, or jacket and tie. and this will be communicated on an event by event basis.

Unacceptable clothing in the clubhouse:

Ripped or faded jeans, track suits, vests, football kit (or other sports) kits, tee shirts with large brand, cargo shorts, beach wear, sliders, plastic flip flops, non-formal headgear, wet or dirty clothing. 

The above rules also apply to the outside social areas.

Mobile Phones may not be used to make or receive calls either on the golf course or in the clubhouse, except in the case of medical emergency. They may be used in the car park with due consideration to players on the course.

Responsible behaviour is the duty of all members, guests and visitors

Failure to observe minimum expectations, both on and off the course, will result in not being allowed to play or being asked to leave the Clubhouse or premises. As a private members’ club, we do consider that such failures demonstrate a lack of respect and courtesy to the club and to all the members.  It is also very unfair to place our staff in difficult situations where they are expected to enforce the rules. The Management Committee, Staff and Professionals have the authority to challenge any person improperly or unsuitably dressed and their decision will not be open to negotiation or argument at that time.        

Please, let’s all be considerate to each other and always make the effort to meet these dress rules so we can enjoy our golf and social time together.    

The above dress rules may be varied from time to time at the discretion of the Management Committee.  

November 2021

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