Brocton Hall

The Course - Hole 5

  Yards 411  Par 4  SI 8
  Yards 385  Par 4  SI 8
  Yards 363  Par 4  SI 3

Pro's Tip:

A good drive left of centre will leave you in a good position for your second.

Check your yardage and allow extra club as the green is above you - a little too long is better than short on the approach.

Congratulate yourself if you make a par on this testing hole.

Tom Scott:

"Not for the first time, the lie of the ground is favourable to the tee-shot at the fifth, but as at the previous hole, the second is played to a green at the top of a rise.

Because the length of the hole demands a long second, the great danger for many will be to try too much and deviate from the line.

If that happens, the two bunkers guarding the green might well claim their prey."

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