Brocton Hall

Junior Dinner - Jan 5th 2020

What a great evening again, we had 83 people in attendance. Our thanks go to Mr. President Ian Graham, Lady President Diane Bell and Mr. Captain Steve Metcalfe for their attendance and for presenting the prizes. We had an apology from the Lady Captain Trish Franklin, who was unavoidably detained on family business.



Many thanks to Nevil and Mike for organising the Quiz. Plus to Nevil for putting photos of our juniors (taken throughout the year) onto the TV screen in the Lounge.

Our thanks to the President for saying Grace and to Mr. Captain for the Welcome Speech. 

The Junior Organiser, Christine responded (more of which in a separate communication).

Junior Captain Hannah handed over to our new Captain Ethan Evans who also introduced Ellie Treadwell as our new Vice-Captain. Ellie could not be present but her apologies and acceptance speech was read out by Hannah. 


Prize Winners


MEDAL APRIL 19th  Div. A Bethan Ashley-Brown 
    Div. B Oliver Clark 
    9-hole  Elliott Clark
MEDAL MAY 31st    Div. A Max Hunter 
    Div. B Charley Mears
    9-hole  Richard Haenelt
MEDAL JULY 26th   Div. A Cameron Efford
    Div. B Charley Mears
    9-hole  Richard Haenelt
MEDAL AUG 30th    Div. A Max Hunter
    Div. B Thomas Efford
    9-hole  Oliver Nichols
CHASE TROPHY     Ellie Treadwell & Gordon Booth
CHETWYND PLATE     Ethan Evans & Diane Ferriday
JUNIOR TROPHY   Div. A Bethan Ashley-Brown
    Div. B Charlie Mears
    9-hole  Richard Haenelt
JUNIOR CAPT’S DAY   Div. A Hannah Golding
    Div. B Ellie Ashley-Brown
    9-hole  Thomas Efford
OAKWOOD CUP   Div. A Max Hunter
    Div. B Arthur Squire
    9-hole  Richard Haenelt
JOHN ASTLEY M.T.   Div. A Ellie Ashley-Brown
    Div. B David Haenelt
    9-hole  Jay Atkin
IAN MACFARLANE   Div. A Tom Andrews 
    Div. B David Haenelt
    9-hole  Oliver Nichols
BRYAN BAKER   Div. A Ellie Treadwell 
    Div. B Jay Atkin
    9-hole  Richard Haenelt
PEGASUS TROPHY     Alfie Poole & Kerr Dollochin
    9-hole  Harry Sutton
JACKSON SHIELD   Winner Ellie Treadwell
    Runner-Up Ellie Ashley-Brown
BLUE TEE GOLFER of the YEAR     Kerr Dollochin
CHAMPIONSHIP/MEDAL   9 hole Harry Sutton
    Div. B David Haenelt
    Best Nett Max Hunter 
    Champion Hannah Golding


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