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Junior Report and Annual Review for 2020

Well, what a difference a year makes. Last year, for all their support and help over the past decade, we welcomed Diane & Peter Allder and John Perkin as “Honorary Members of the Junior Section”. This Sunday, January 10th, should have been our 37th Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation Evening. This is the time when we are joined by family members, supporters and Officers of the Club. To start such an evening Nevil usually runs a “Head & Tails” game and also a quiz and or a golf game. The Club Captain gives a Welcome speech and I respond (so at least you don’t have to listen to me this year - every cloud as they say). Also the current Junior Captain, in this case Ethan Evans, passes the Role onto his successor, who in turn introduces the Junior Vice-Captain for 2021.

So, whilst you won’t necessarily have to listen to any speeches this year, they are contained in this report.

As there has not been any “social activity” of which to speak this year, this report will be quite factual. Before doing so I need to make sure that our thanks are extended to specific people. Here goes and hope I don’t miss anyone! For the support given to our Junior Section this year by Mr. President, Peter Bright, Mr. Captain, Mark Newman, Lady President, Mary Harris and Lady Captain, Diane Ferriday. To Mr. President and Mr. Captain, for giving the juniors a 9-Hole competition on their competition days. To Nicki Bowen who has done such a fantastic job with getting all the Starting Times organised on the web site and, at this point I must mention Graham Denny for having very good dialogues with Nicki on the subject, plus the Return to Golf Committee who, quite frankly, have had a thankless task. In addition, Nicki puts all the completed competition cards onto the system and just loves to walk round with the juniors who play from the Blue Tees. I ask but, she tells me to go away! To Colin Thompson who works tirelessly on our junior media sites and how good are they? Fabulous work Colin, keep going. To Sharon Jefferies, who is on our J.O.C. and who has done a great job with sorting out and keeping us up to date with the new WHS System. To Heather Wooding, our Welfare Officer, for keeping us (well me) on the straight and narrow regarding all Safeguarding issues concerning juniors.

In spite of such a disruptive year we have had twelve new juniors who have joined, nine of whom are 10 y.o.a. or under. The future for junior golf at Brocton looks very bright. This must surely make a statement about; the golf Course; the Club and our Junior Section. Then we have a well-respected member of our junior section, former junior Captain, Hannah Golding, who has secured a Scholarship at Southeastern University in Florida, USA, which she hopes to take up in September, so you will all have a chance to see Hannah before she leaves.

OK, enough from me, this is what the Club Captain wished to say: “Please pass my regrets on to Junior Captain Ethan that we will not be able to hold the junior presentation dinner. It is yet another disappointment in this golfing year. We were both able to hold our captains day and thanks to the juniors who took part in my day. Please pass on my best wishes to next year’s junior captain. Also on behalf of myself and the juniors I would like to thank your organising committee who work tirelessly developing and promoting junior golf”

On your behalf, I would like to thank the Captain for his input.

In response to this I really need to tell you what the Junior Committee have done for YOU in 2020. Apart from all the behind the scenes activities, which at times have proved challenging, you have been provided with, free of charge; entry into ALL the junior competitions, plus food and prizes on the Junior Captain’s Day. 

Now, the exciting news. The next four speeches have also been videoed and those who are on our junior WhatsApp Group can view them there and we hope to get them onto the web site ASAP.

From Nicki – “Hello Brocton Juniors. You may be wondering why I am speaking to you in this short video when Christine Davies is our Junior Organiser and I am only her trusty assistant!!! Well Christine is a very good delegator and thought that I would enjoy the challenge of making history at Brocton Hall Golf Club by communicating with you all for the first time by video chat and not the usual written correspondence. It has after all been an extremely difficult and unusual year for us all and I would like to say, on behalf of the Junior Organising Committee, how very proud we are of our Junior Section and the way you have all conducted yourselves throughout the pandemic. We have done our best to try to give you as many opportunities as possible to play our Junior Competitions and they have been very well supported by many of you.

Unfortunately due to Lockdown Restrictions we have not be able to hold our Junior Prize Presentation Dinner this year, so we thought we would try something new and get in touch with you all by video.

Hopefully by Easter we will be able to return to some form of normality and we look forward to seeing you all out on the course very soon. I now have the greatest pleasure in introducing you to our Junior Captain, Ethan Evans who has done a great job this year under very difficult circumstances.

Over to you Ethan…….”

From Ethan - “Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year. I am doing this video as we are unfortunately not able to have a presentation evening given the current circumstances. First of all, I am sure we can all agree it hasn’t been the best year. However, it hasn’t been all that bad, considering we are in a pandemic, we have been able to play for most of the year. This is all thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to keep the course open and safe for everyone to play on, even to the point where we could play competitions again. With that I would like to thank Mr. President, the Lady President, Mr. Captain and the Lady Captain for their support and to Mr. President and Mr. Captain for inviting the juniors to play on their respective days. I would like to give a huge thanks to Christine, for organising the junior section this year, and doing a fantastic job of making the most out of the competitions that went ahead. Everyone is very grateful of the effort that you have put in this year. I would also like to thank Colin Thompson for setting up the junior group chat, as it has been increasingly important this year to stay in touch, especially during the period where the course was closed. I would also like to give thanks to the parents for your continued support, and also the green staff for keeping the course in great condition all year round. I thank you all for a great year, and stay safe in 2021.

And with that I would like to wish your new captain Ellie Treadwell the best of luck for this year.”

From Ellie – “To all juniors, parents of juniors and Brocton Hall members. As everyone knows this year has been a difficult year, but I would like to thank Christine Davies and Nicki Bowen for their 100% commitment through-out the year for the junior section. I’d also like to thank parents for their continuous patience and ongoing encouragement. I’m sure everyone will agree in saying that Ethan Evans has been an amazing junior captain this year, and also a good role model towards our juniors and I hope to follow in his footsteps and I wish him all the best. I have chosen Maria-Tiffany Thompson for my Vice-Captain in 2021 and thank the Junior Committee for endorsing my selection. The reason I have chosen Maria is because of her ongoing determination and passion towards the club and its members and believe she will set a great example for our club “

From Maria – “To juniors, parents and family of juniors and members of Brocton Hall. Firstly, I would like to thank Christine and Nicki for making junior comps possible through such a difficult year and organising such a great Captains day for Ethan with so many difficult restrictions. Secondly, I would like to thank Ellie for choosing me to support her through her 2021 captaincy and to the junior organising for endorsing this. I will do all that I can in helping her in supporting the juniors. Finally I would like to finish by saying whether you are part of the Brocton junior match-play teams or not, we are still one big team of great golfers. So therefore I wish everyone a great 2021.” 

See you all soon hopefully.

Christine                                                                                                           January 10th 2021

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