Brocton Hall

Membership application - Proposer/Seconder

Thank you for volunteering to be a Proposer or Seconder. As you know at Brocton Hall, we want all of our members to receive a good experience when joining the club and having a Proposer and Seconder ensures that this happens. 

The role is not onerous; it just requires some time and enthusiasm (the time commitment will vary according to the experience of the new member). 

The purpose of a Proposer and Seconder is:

  • to ensure that a new member feels welcome and valued
  • to ensure that a new member is integrated into the club as quickly as possible
  • to aid with the retention of new members

The role of a Proposer and Seconder is to:

  • provide a point of contact and a friendly face to a new member. Hence, he/she will know the name and contact details of at least one person at the club
  • get to know the new member, understand what they want from the club and help to facilitate this
  • introduce the member to the geography of the club and any procedures that he/she needs to know e.g. how to enter a competition
  • ensure that the member is aware of the methods of communication used within the club
  • help fix up games both with him/herself and other members
  • aid with matters of etiquette, basic rules and filling in of cards if the member is new to golf 
  • introduce the member to the professional
  • encourage him/her to participate in the social life of the club at whatever level the member would like
  • when appropriate, ask for feedback regarding their experience and communicate this back to Membership and Marketing


Please ensure that you satisfy the Club Rules before submitting this form

The proposer and seconder must have been in membership of the club for not less than one year and must be personally acquainted with the candidate and responsible for his or her eligibility.

Details of candidate applying for membership

Details of the Proposer / Seconder

I am pleased to propose the above candidate for membership. I confirm that I satisfy the Club Rules and believe the candidate will be an asset to the Club for the reasons mentioned below. 

We will use the information above to allow us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you as a member in accordance with the Club's Articles of Association and the Rules of the Club. We may share this information with our external and internal Data Processors who adhere to our Privacy Policy. 


Club Policies

We would draw your attention to the club policies, all of which are available on the website. Please familiarise yourself with these.

If you need any further information, please contact the office - 01785 661901 ext. 6 or

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