Brocton Hall

The Course - Hole 16

  Yards 385  Par 4  SI 5
  Yards 368  Par 4  SI 5
  Yards 359  Par 4  SI 4

Pro's Tip:

Drive favouring the left side of the fairway to open up the line to the green.  The safest line for your approach is to aim just right of the pin as the bunker guarding the left side of the green is a popular place.

The green appears closer by the bunkers short of the green - trust your yardage and you will be rewarded with a birdie putt.

Tom Scott:

".... we tackle the sixteenth which like all good sixteenth holes, can be a card wrecker.

The drive is over a stream, and having seen that one safely delivered, when we arrive at the ball, we discover there is another stream to be crossed.

I might also say there is not a lot of room at this hole, and those who get away with a four will be delighted, and those who register a five will not be displeased."

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